Panam Rental Program

List your unit in Panam Rental Program managed by Panam Export Services LLC. and earn additional income:

  • You can enroll the whole two-bedroom unit or the one-bedroom suite or room portion.
  • The time slots are just as flexible, list your unit for seven nights or only a few nights.
  • You can also decide if you want to list it for one year, several years or even longer.

Why enroll your unit with us?

With a call center, an online reservations center, marketing campaigns and an extensive network of travel industry alliances with global reach, Panam Rental Program does the work of renting your villa for you. We offer:


More than 15 years in the vacation rental business


88% of rental success rate during 2015


Multiple Channels to promote your unit to thousands of prospects worldwide


Diverse marketing strategies to increase the number of nights rented

Latest News

Check right here for the latest news from PANAM RENTAL PROGRAM. We’ll keep you informed of all new program enhancements, upcoming promotions and new program options.

Wire transfer requirements

The standard payment method for the rental proceeds is a check in US Dollars payable to all members of record. Members may change this standard payment method and one of the options for this change is to receive a wire transfer.

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Panam Rental Program & Royal Resorts Caribbean.

Panam Rental Program (operated by Panam Export Services LLC.) offers Royal Resorts Caribbean members the opportunity to earn rental income when you are not able to use your property

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